high hopes


One night, my very good friend and confidant, Josh, a connoisseur of pink flavor MD 20/20, as well as a distinguished coin collector, was driving around, when he happened upon some furniture on the side of the road.  Being the good friend that he is, as he knows there is nothing that makes me happier than furniture disguised as trash, he called me immediately.  He claims he walked over to a broken chair and a safe with no key.  My immediate reaction was take the safe we WILL figure out a way. 

But Josh took a briefcase that had a broken lock.  This makes sense as his family never seems to have enough luggage when they go anywhere but that's for another day. Inside the briefcase was The Notebook.  Actually, it was two notebooks which we we did not read in their entirety.  The two notebooks it turns out, belong to Houston's own Rapper that hails from 5th Ward, PimpSkinny. 

I had thought that Josh had been in 5th Ward a few times, to return Pimp Skinny's notebooks and hang out, but apparently I was mistaken because I opened my front door on December 25th, to a box wrapped in holiday paper, with Skinny's two notebooks, and a bag of half eaten skittles (thank you Josh). 

So while Josh is busy looking at faces of former Presidents and torturing himself with MD 20/20, I have taken it upon myself to give PimpSkinny his property back. Maybe he likes vintage.  Maybe we'll collab and he can use some of my vintage furniture in a music video.   Who knows?  This is only the beginning of something beautiful.  I leave you with one of PimpSkinny's music videos.   

Paul would be proud of this one.




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