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Originally published Nov 2020

I used to do these Instagram posts for several weeks called #shitmydadfoundonthesideoftheroad. And this is the first one I've done in a while. I've always thought this awesome planter was really unique (just like him).

Sadly, my dad lost his battle with cancer last week; he's actually my stepdad, and to me simply just "Paul", & the most important person to ever enter my life. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be sitting here now, with a job I love, typing this to all 20 of you that actually look at my page. I wouldn't have finished school, I wouldn't have moved to New York. 11 years later when I bought a one way ticket to Central America, with plans to stay gone as long as possible, & everyone said I was crazy, Paul got me Lonely Planet Central America for Christmas that year.

I don't know if we are all lucky enough to meet someone that changes our lives right when we need it most, but for me that person was & always will be Paul.

We used to drive around and look at what was left of the old architecture in Houston while listening to Pink Floyd... I got to smoke Marlboro Reds. At home I was confined to smoking Marlboro Lights and I was 16 and well, Marlboro Lights are HEALTHIER. I remember he stopped on heavy trash day for the first time and I was like wtf is he doing. I wish I could remember what he got that day.

I remember the day he came home ecstatic because he found eames chairs in the pile of trash down the street. And 16 year old me goes, "Ew, those are ugly". 😂

About a year ago I started digging through my parents’ attic pretending like I was on American Pickers, and almost every time I found something cool I'd be like, hey Paul where did this come from??? And he'd say, "side of the road".

Sometimes I'd pick up stuff on heavy trash day late at night. Last time the cops stopped and asked was I was doing, and I was like, "guys it's heavy trash day, why are you NOT doing this at 2am." As they were helping me load up what I thought was a mid century treasure, I realized it was more likely an 80s table with a broken leg, which Paul fixed and I sold.

I’ll never sell any of Paul’s roadside treasures but I will keep doing these posts. They will be awesome and weird. Just like him.

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