1970s Original Signed Architectural Watercolor Rendering

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Watercolor charm meets architectural precision in this lovely 70s watercolor architectural rendering. The sketch is remarkably detailed, including reflections on wet pavement, countless individual bricks and window panels, tree branches, and even pedestrians strolling down the sidewalk, but the overall impression is still serene and simple.
From the home of a prominent Texas architect, this piece likely depicts an area of Houston, Texas or San Antonio, Texas. It measures 34.5 inches by 26 inches.
The artist’s skill transcends the architectural rendering techniques used, resulting in an inviting, idyllic scene. Color and blank space are balanced beautifully, with confident ink lines bringing its detail into focus, and an inexplicable optimism appears throughout.
The print and frame are in excellent condition, although there is a small chip in the lower left corner of the glass. (A note—the glass was removed during photos for visual clarity and to avoid glare, but will be delivered along with the art and frame.) Easily displayed on any wall, this watercolor architectural rendering makes a gorgeous addition to your home.


Measurements: 34.5” x 26”

Condition: the print is in excellent condition as is the frame. There is a small chip in the glass in the lower left corner.  These photos were taken without the glass on to avoid reflection but it comes to you with glass, paper flat, and looking excellent. 



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