1970s Waterford Lismore Rosé Wine Glasses

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Set of Seven Waterford Crystal Lismore Rosé Wine Glasses. 

The lip on these glasses makes it best for a  young, crisp rosé or a young white wine.  Because our taste buds are most sensitive on the tip of the tongue, the flared lip of these glasses sends to wine directly to where the sweetness of the wine matters most.

The current owner of this large collection went on a tour of the Waterford factory on a trip to Ireland in the early 1970's and had several dozen pieces flown back to the US. This collection has had one owner and has been treasured and beautifully maintained. 


  • Diameter at rim: 3"
  • Diameter at base: 2.5"
  • Height of glass: 6.25"

Condition: Each of these glasses comes to you in like new condition.