Mid Century Modern Bozak Stereo Cabinet with EICO RP-100 Reel to Reel Player

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This mcm cabinet is gorgeous and well maintained, and the bonus is that there is a EICO reel to reel player in it!   Made in the early 60s, both of these pieces are classic 1960s vintage.  The cabinet is quite heavy and has been very well maintained.

The reel to reel I have not tested, but I did plug it in and the red light comes on.  So perhaps that's promising.  Even if you don't use the reel to reel, this is a great mcm storage pieces that includes a bit of radio history!



  • Width: 36.5
  • Depth: 20
  • Height: 30

Condition: The cabinet looks great and has tons of life left.   The reel to reed will need work I'd imagine in order to get it to play, but what a treat for the audiophile in your life.

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