Large Original Ellen Koment Framed Abstract Nude Oil on Canvas

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Original oil on canvas painting by artist Ellen Koment. This 90s vintage piece by Koment is titled "On My Way".

When we spoke to Koment, she stated that during the late 90s, she had recently moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and wanted to focus on "taking her art back to the fundamentals - landscapes and the human form."

Koment's painting depicts a nude human form (from shoulders to knees) striding forward on top of a blue and purple background.

When the painting's current owner saw it, she stated she "immediately got a sense of a person moving forward, making progress, and perhaps leaving something negative behind and choosing to go her own way. When considering the title, it makes sense that this is impression it gives."

No matter what it says to you, this painting conveys hope and progress for humans.

Koment's recent works include beautiful abstract paintings; this is a one of a kind piece.  When we spoke with her she was a bit stunned and amused - she seemed to have almost forgotten about it, which I suppose happens after so many beautiful creations over several years. 

The back of the canvas reads: "E. Koment. Oil/Canvas. 'On My Way' Santa Fe 1997.'"

Measurements: 55" x 40"

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