Sulu-Sulawesi Seas

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A stunning coffee table book for ocean lovers.  (I borrowed the below from Amazon):

This book, Sulu-Sulawesi Seas, is a celebration of the beauty and biodiversity of this marine ecoregion. It is a breathtaking chronicle in images and words of the different habitats and cultures that exist here today, the formidable threats to the area's continuing existence, and the responsibility which man must acknowledge in order to preserve this primeval cradle of evolution. More importantly, however, this book aims to capture, through the dramatic photographs of Jürgen Freund, the many facets of a priceless treasure that may slowly be slipping from our hands – and which we must save if we are to ensure the continuity of life itself.


But really this is a gorgeous book and I have scoured the internet for another new copy, and this is the only one.  In the whole world (or at least on Amazon and eBay).

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