Vintage Cypress Knee Lamp

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Often, a lamp is a passive addition to a room, designed to provide a function but not draw much attention of its own. If you’re looking for one with personality instead, this cypress knee lamp is the perfect opportunity!

The base of the vintage table lamp is a hand-cut cypress knee carving, polished to a pleasant shine and topped with a linen shade. Its wiring has been updated to ensure that the lamp is just as functional as it is fascinating.

The natural rolling shape of the cypress knee creates a lamp that has the sturdiness of a tree along with its engaging silhouette. It makes a great conversation starter, and because it is made from a unique cypress knee carving rather than a mass-produced base, you can guarantee no one else will have a lamp that looks quite the same. Embrace your uniqueness and bring home your cool vintage cypress knee lamp!

Measurements: 24.5" tall, 6.5" wide at base

Material: vintage cypress knee 

Shade Material: Linen